RE: How do you do smalltalk as an HSP?

Often we want to talk deeply, and in complex ways to express the full spectrum of our thoughts. Just, in many situations that’s simply too much for the other person, or we’re too quickly going too far for the “normies”…

How do you deal with that in a good way?

I try to keep it simple, when I know I’m talking to a non-HSP.

Markus Decided Dolphin Asked on January 8, 2022 in Daily Life.
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If I get overwhelmed and still want to keep the conversation up and running, I simply grab what the other person says and ask a question related to it. Like “Ah, you mean <rephrased what they said> – what’s your opinion on <related topic>?”. It can be amazing how much other people can talk, if you just keep asking them questions. This way you don’t need to think much about what to say, and save energy.

Decided Dolphin Answered on January 16, 2022.
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