RE: How do you make computer work less stressful?

Working on computers and tablets or even mobile phones/smartphones can be exhausting for our nervous system.

Which methods or tools do you use for making computer work productive and as healthy as possible at the same time?

Markus Decided Dolphin Asked on February 1, 2022 in Work Life.
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3 Answers

Intelligent todo lists

  1. Having a present todo list for the day with a realistic amount of tasks
  2. A second todo list with more tasks that I won’t do today (either do it now, later, or not at all then it’s out of your head and still present without taking brain capacity.
  3. Prioritized intelligently, so you get your brain into happy activity mode (ticking off easy tasks in a row + eating that frog task to free your mind having that one solved already every other tasks appears smaller and easier to accomplish), whatever works best for you – try, repeat, optimize.
Decided Dolphin Answered on February 1, 2022.
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