RE: How to overcome perfectionism as an HSP?

Do you double check everything? Twice? And one more time? Do you feel awful when you realize you’ve sent an email with a spelling mistake? Do you always want the best feedback on your input?

Overcoming perfectionism can not only save your energy and time, it can also make your life more relaxed and enjoyable.

What’s your best strategy to get out of perfectionism?

Markus Decided Dolphin Asked on March 6, 2022 in Work Life.
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Training: sending out an email with a spelling mistake on purpose can help you realize, nothing bad happens, ever. For some people a spelling mistake might even look like you have so much to do or you’re being so productive, you don’t prioritize spending time on correcting words that others understand anyways even when written with a typo over working on progress in general.

Decided Dolphin Answered on March 6, 2022.
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