RE: What are good newspaper articles about HSP?

Well written articles about HSPs and the trait are raising awareness, correcting false perceptions and reduce prejudgements while helping HSPs feeling more normalized and motivated. Let’s share the best newspaper articles about the trait, highly sensitive persons / people here.

Articles can also be a tool to send around, while explaining the trait or for validation if someone doubts the existence of the HSP trait, or similar.

Markus Decided Dolphin Asked on April 3, 2022 in Daily Life.
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Newspaper: The Guardian

Title: Are you anxious, introverted or just a ‘highly sensitive person’?

Subtitle: “Kanye West and Lorde say they are HSPs. What’s the science behind this newly popular label for understanding our ability to process feelings?”

Written by: David Robson on April 2, 2022

Decided Dolphin Answered on April 3, 2022.
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