RE: What works best for you to calm down your nervous system, and reduce stress & anxiety?

With so many external stimuli and input we get overwhelmed easily as highly sensitive/deep sensory processing persons.

There are so many options to calm down our nervous system, and reduce distress and anxiety. Which methods do you prefer? Which technique works best for you?

Markus Decided Dolphin Asked on February 1, 2022 in Health.
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6 Answers

Cutting out or reducing caffeine

I try to drink as little caffeine or no caffeine at all. Did you know cacao has a bit of caffeine? 😀 Especially we HSPs with our mirror neurons working differently react more intensely, cortisol levels rise, etc… Always better to get another push of energy from within, than from yet another coffee, or even energy drink…

Pleased Panda Answered on February 1, 2022.
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